Kim Introduces Bill To Block Perscription Drug Ads On The MTA

    Assemblymember Ron Kim/Facebook

    Yesterday, the MTA announced it would stop advertising for alcohol companies. State Assemblymember Ron Kim (D-Flushing, Murray Hill) also introduced legislation that would block the transit company from advertising for prescription drug companies.

    On the heels of the White House designating the opioid crisis a national emergency, Kim addressed the problem in a press release by noting accidental overdoses in New York have jumped 66 percent.

    Pharmaceutical companies use a marketing strategy known as Direct-To-Consumer, which they use to push the use of synthetic opioids and pain management drugs among the general public. The U.S. is one of two countries, the other being New Zealand, where drug companies are allowed to advertise in such a way, according to Kim.

    “We in New York and across the nation are facing an epidemic of prescription drug and substance abuse. Every year more and more New Yorkers are dying from opioid overdoses. Many of those struggling with addiction are trapped in a desperate cycle that begins when they are prescribed excessive amounts of painkillers, the very same products being freely marketed and promoted to them on our public trains and buses. These ads do not effectively convey the risks and dangers of these drugs to patients and bypass the healthcare providers and professionals who provide the crucial medical advice needed to make informed decisions. This legislation would bring New York in line with almost all developed countries in recognizing the dangers of DTC advertising and its harmful effects on opioid and substance addiction,” said Kim. 

    Peralta Intros Bill To Force Message Parlors Into Registering With State

    State Senator Jose Peralta

    State Senator Jose Peralta (D-Jackson Heights, Corona) will take to the Senate floor to reveal a new will that would require massage parlors to register with the New York State Department.

    The bill is an effort to weed out businesses that are fronts for prostitution, Peralta said in a press release.

    He will be joined by the Vice President of Community Board 3, Shiv Dass to make the announcement at 75th Street and 37th Avenue. They will make the announcement today at 10am.

    Addabbo Jr.’s Firefighter Cancer Bill Approved By Cuomo

    Senator Joseph Addabbo Jr.

    State Senator Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr. (D-Ozone Park, Woodhaven) is celebrating the passage of a bill he co-sponsored in the Senate that will give new health care and death benefits to volunteer firefighters who get cancer.

    “We all appreciate the dangerous work performed by our volunteer firefighters, and how their brave efforts can expose them to toxins that may lead to serious illnesses,” said Addabbo Jr. “This new law will help to expand benefits already available to our vollies, and provide peace of mind to firefighters who become ill with cancers presumably associated with their service. The law will also help with recruitment and retention of our volunteer firefighters.”

    Addabbo Jr. has five volunteer fire and ambulance corps in his district alone, and volunteers are widely used throughout the rest of the state. Right now volunteers are able to apply for accidental disability and death benefits through workers compensation laws if they’re injured during duty.

    This new law, which goes into effect in January 2019, will also make them eligible for benefits to treat a variety of cancers and death benefits.

    “This legislation builds upon the State’s existing Volunteer Firefighters’ Benefit Law and may provide significant peace of mind and financial support for brave men and women who develop cancer after devoting years of their lives to protecting our communities from fire,” said Addabbo.  “Our vollies routinely make selfless decisions to give of themselves to all of us in our times of greatest need, and they deserve our deepest respect and gratitude.”


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